The Lyvennet stud of Guinea Pigs

Site updates

Started updating again 15/11/2014 -Photos to follow.

Who we are

My name is Sam Richardson and this site is dedicated to my Cavy stud.

The stud name I use is Lyvennet Cavies, which is named after the river that runs by my parents home.

I mainly breed and show Rex Guinea Pigs however as first and foremost they are my pets I also have some different breeds.

We are members of the RVCC, D&RCC, F&TCC, DNCC, NCC, SNCC, RCC, & ESCC 

We are based in Carlisle in the northern county of Cumbria.

We also keep Self Reds, Chocolate Foxes, Abysinnians and are in the process of getting Red Dalmations right and Slate Tans right.

The site is still a work in progress and I hope to add more information and pictures soon.